Schlagworte: Islam

Knast für Pfarrers Predigt?

“Gegen einen evangelischen Pfarrer in Nordirland wurde ein Strafverfahren eingeleitet – wegen “in grober Weise beleidigender” Äußerungen über den Islam.
Weil er eine Predigt gehalten hat, in welcher er den Islam als “heidnisch” und “satanisch” bezeichnete, drohen James McConnell, 78, bis zu sechs Monate Gefängnis….” (hier)

Religion des Friedens halt…

“……Al Azhar—arguably the Islamic world’s most prestigious Islamic university—continues to incite Egypt’s Muslims against Christians.  Most recently the university was exposed distributing a free booklet dedicated to discrediting Christianity, chock full of direct attacks on Christianity in general and the nation’s Coptic Christians in particular.
Christianity is referred to as a “failed religion,” while Islam  is hailed as the true and superior religion.” (hier)

“Juden bringen Satan Menschenopfer dar”

Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi teaches two religious classes a week at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. This past Friday, the Sheikh chose to demonize Jews as the epitome of evil – basing his teachings on both Western and Muslim Antisemitism. The Sheikh presented the blood libel that Jews make Passover matzah bread from the blood of children as fact:
“These stories are known. There is proof of them… Write: ‘Jews’ bread’ in Google… You will see all of these stories, and for all of them there is proof and evidence, with dates and police files in which the material is found.” (hier)

Verstehen die alle den Islam falsch?

“….According to a report to the UN Security Council, nearly 30 thousand foreign fighters were recruited currently in the ISIS ranks. They came from 100 countries around the world including countries that had been untouched by the activity of terrorist groups such as Chile and Finland….” (hier)

Sensibelchen halt….

“….Some people think that has a matter of courtesy and respect for Muslims as human beings, non-Muslims should be careful not to insult Muhammad. The problem with this is that when some Muslims are so ready to commit violence over perceived insults to Muhammad, what might ordinarily have been a simple matter of courtesy and respect instead becomes surrendering to violent intimidation and threats. That is always an unwise course of action for any people that wishes to remain free…..” (hier)