Schlagworte: Islam

Der Mann mit den zwei Hörnern

“…..Since getting the job of reforming the education system, the Egyptian extremist who carries a German passport and goes by the mythic name of Dhul-Qarnayn – “he who has two horns” – has become somewhat of a celebrity in Mosul. He has changed the local school curriculum, separated male and female scholars and forced six-year-old girls to wear the veil. Now he’s taking money from local schools to buy weapons because, as he told teachers, what’s more important: education or fighting infidels?…” (hier)

Ein Reisebericht aus dem Islamischen Staat

Three months ago, the extremist group known as the Islamic State kidnapped hundreds of women from the Yazidi sect. Since then there have been many stories about what has happened to the women, including physical and sexual abuse, slavery and forced marriage.Gute Reportage, hier.

Islamischer Antisemitismus? Alles nur Missverständnisse!

“…New surveys conducted in France suggested that Frenchmen of Muslim origin were far likelier to espouse anti-Semitic views than the general population. In the two surveys, which were conducted in recent months, 74 percent of respondents who self-identified as observant Muslims agreed with the statement that Jews have too much influence on French economics, compared to 25 percent in the general population…” (hier)

Souvenir, Souvenir….

“…..Eine Islamistin reiste mit einem Sprengsatz im Gepäck Richtung Deutschland. Die Frankfurterin wurde auf einem Flughafen in der Türkei aufgegriffen, doch ist sie weiter auf freiem Fuß….” (FAZ)

Willkommen im Hotel Scharia!

The Bermondsey Square Hotel was “previously voted the UK’s trendiest place to stay.” And the thing is, it is still trendy. Nothing is trendier in Britain these days than Sharia compliance. The Bermondsey Square Hotel is on the cutting edge of Britain’s future. Watch for many more hotels in Britain to follow its lead. (hier)

Irans Chef-Ayatholla will wieder mal Israel eliminieren

“…..Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has put forth a plan to eliminate Israel, which he believes will be accepted by the international arena. In a neat table posted on Khamenei’s official Twitter account on Sunday, the ayatollah answers nine key questions on why – and how – this plan is to be implemented….” (hier)

Das post-liberale Europa und sein jüdisches Problem

“….Strong ideological currents are turning Europe into a difficult place for Jewish survival… Indeed, the real issue here is not the future of the Jews in Europe; as so often in history, Jews are a litmus test. What is really at stake is the future of Europe. The attempt to liberate itself from its history and its traditional institutions has made Europe decadent and weak. Now that Islamic fundamentalism, an identity violently at odds with liberalism, has moved into the heart of tolerant, multicultural Europe, the question is whether a society that has run away from its identity in order to enjoy its freedom can muster the will to fight, before losing them both…..” (hier)

Wie wäre es mit einem „Mahnmal für die Opfer des Islamismus“?

(C.O.)  Aus gegebenem Anlass: Ein offener Brief an seine königliche Hoheit, Abdullah ibn Abd al-Aziz Al Saud von Saudiarabien: Königliche Majestät, auch wenn in den vergangenen Tagen ein bisschen Gras über die Einlassungen von Frau Bandion-Ortner und das berüchtigte Dialogzentrum gewachsen ist, so hat das Image Ihres wahabitischen Königreiches im Speziellen und das des Islam im Allgemeinen hier in Österreich derzeit umständehalber noch ein wenig Luft nach oben, Weiterlesen