Auf Schnäppchenjagd in New York

Signa Holding GmbH, Austria’s largest privately owned real estate company, will buy the iconic Chrysler Building in New York City in partnership with property firm RFR Holding LLC for about $150 million, people familiar with the matter said. Signa and RFR are equal partners in a joint venture that signed an agreement on Friday to buy the building from the Abu Dhabi Investment Council at a fraction of what it paid to own it, the sources said. Abu Dhabi had splashed out $800 million to own a 90 percent stake in the Chrysler Building at the onset of the 2008 financial crisis. Property values subsequently crashed, and in some cases never fully recovered.  mehr hier

One comment

  1. Thomas F.

    Gratulation an das Abu Dhabi Investment Council! Vielleicht sollten sich die chinesischen Steuergeld-Ausgeber bei ihrer Einkaufstour auf der ganzen Welt ein wenig mit solchen Fällen beschäftigen.

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