3 Gedanken zu „Blasenkunde

  1. eeeeee

    Bitcoin-Kurs und Mining haben gar nichts miteinander zu tun, außer daß das Mining die Knappheit bestimmt.

  2. Rennziege

    10. DEZEMBER 2017 – 08:25 — eeeeee
    Aaah! Ein Gläubiger, im Doppelsinn des Wortes. F.F.! (Viel Vergnügen!)

  3. astuga

    Was ist die Blockchain

    Kommentar von ebendort – plasticman2011: To put it yet another way, money is a ledger. With fiat currencies like the dollar, that ledger is centralized. And that gives the central authority responsible for maintaining that ledger tremendous power, power that history has proven will inevitably be abused. With Bitcoin, the ledger is decentralized. And that means that no one individual or entity has the power to arbitrarily create new units (thereby causing inflation), freeze (or seize) your account, or block a particular payment from being processed. We’ve had decentralized money before. After all, no one can simply print new gold into existence. And the ‘ledger’ of gold is distributed because the physical gold itself (the ‘accounting entries’ in the metaphor) is distributed. But with gold, that decentralization comes at a heavy price (literally). The physical nature of gold makes it hugely inefficient for global transactions. And this is why bitcoin is important! It is the first currency in the world that is both decentralized and digital. It is more reliably scarce than gold and more private and transactionally efficient than “modern” digital banking. This is why people are excited about bitcoin, it has the potential to be completely revolutionize money…

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