Britischer Realismus

Von | 7. April 2013

“…The Bank of England said rising equity markets don’t reflect the underlying economic situation and warned that investors may be underestimating risks in the financial system. Gains by equities since mid-2012 “in part reflected exceptionally accommodative monetary policies by many central banks,” the BOE’s Financial Policy Committee said today in London in the minutes of its March 19 meeting. “It was also consistent with a perception among some contacts that the most significant downside risks had attenuated. But market sentiment may be taking too rosy a view of the underlying stresses.” (Bloomberg)

2 Gedanken zu „Britischer Realismus

  1. Till

    Eine Korrektur ist wohl früher oder später unausweichlich. Der folgende Kommentar trifft’s recht gut, denke ich:

    “After four years of steady and dramatic rises, the stock market is arguably overdue for a correction. But even these signs of a potential end to the bull market don’t mean that such a correction is imminent. What they do tell you, though, is that it’s time to make sure your portfolio is ready to handle whatever comes next — including a substantial downturn that could potentially be right around the corner.”

  2. Feldheld

    So kann man etwas einfaches auch kompliziert ausdrücken.

    Billiges Geld löst kein einziges volkswirtschaftliches Problem, es erzeugt nur jede Menge schöne bunte Spekulationsseifenblasen.

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