Der Irrtum der Waffen-Verbieter

Von | 19. August 2019

“….It’s the same thing every time we have a mass shooting in America. Before the shell casings have time to cool the same people are calling for more gun control. Their solution for mass killings is to disarm all of the law abiding citizens so everyone can feel better about themselves thinking they did something. The people calling for these new laws are the same people that fight for the right to murder a million babies a year so it is hard to take them seriously when they complain about a lot of people being killed. Perhaps if we simply relabeled these mass shootings as post-natal abortions it would be more acceptable to certain people. The problem is that taking guns away from law abiding people does not change the way potentially dangerous people feel. If they want to hurt someone, they will find a way. mehr hier

3 Gedanken zu „Der Irrtum der Waffen-Verbieter

  1. Dieter Rohrlack

    At least old white men are already a clear minority in this nice gallery . . .

  2. astuga

    Und ich dachte schon, die Welt wird friedlich wenn die alten, weißen Männer endlich ausgestorben sind.
    Wieder eine Legende die sich in Luft auflöst…

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