Die sogenannte “Klima-Gerechtigkeit”

Von | 27. September 2019

“…What the climate apostles of today want instead goes much farther. They want to attain climate justice, something which sounds similar to another famous weasel term, namely social justice, and in fact is even more similar than one thinks at first.

As Robert Colvile, the Director of the British Centre for Policy Studies, showed, reaching this goal includes a complete abandonment of nuclear power and fossil fuels by 2030 — a rather costly endeavor to say the least. The climate goals also require the rejection of new technologies such as geoengineering and carbon capture and storage. “Justice” requires massive financial transfers from the industrialized to the developing world. “Justice” demands food sovereignty (“culturally appropriate food markets”), and “agro-ecology,” which means “an explicit focus on social and economic dimensions of food system” as well as “a strong focus on the rights of women, youth and indigenous peoples.”

Worst of all, “non-market approaches” are the only ones deemed worthy of being taken into consideration.Indeed, the market economy itself has to be abolished to stop global warming. As Colvile puts it, “the ideas behind the climate strike movement are fundamentally illiberal.”

Luckily, though, environmentalism doesn’t have to be socialist. Nothing is wrong with wanting to protect natural wonders and trying to alleviate climate processes that would destroy these wonders and the livelihood of millions, if not billions of people. It is understandable that Greta and others want to protect this world.

For this, however, they perhaps should consider the market economy, their own declared enemy, as the lifeboat of the world. It is not only that we can fight environmental degradation while we can keep our capitalist system alive (as far as it still exists). This capitalist system may actually be helpful in that very fight. And in contrast to government-mandated “climate justice,” innovation and technological progress thanks to entrepreneurs wouldn’t bring with it mass unemployment and major economic distress, but greater prosperity.  mehr hier

2 Gedanken zu „Die sogenannte “Klima-Gerechtigkeit”

  1. Falke

    Richtig beobachtet: die “Klimagerechtigkeit” entspricht weitgehend der “sozialen Gerechtigkeit”, also ein Transfer von finanziellen Mitteln von den Leistern zu den Nichtleistern. Sozialismus/Kommunismus in Reinkultur.

  2. sokrates9

    Diese Klimabewegung ist stark von Kommunisten unterwandert, an der Spitze stehen mit Gretas Hintermännern diverse Milliardenschwere Abzocker die sich dank der nützlichen Idioten in`s Fäustchen lachen!

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