Goethe und die Demokratie

Von | 7. Juni 2015

Nichts ist widerwärtiger als die Majorität, denn sie besteht aus wenigen kräftigen Vorgängern, aus Schelmen, die sich akkomodieren, aus Schwachen, die sich assimilieren und der Masse, die nachtrollt, ohne nur im Mindesten zu wissen, was sie will. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

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  1. Syria Forever

    I have no religion, and at times I wish all religions at the bottom of the sea. He is a weak ruler who needs religion to uphold his government; it is as if he would catch his people in a trap. My people are going to learn the principles of democracy, the dictates of truth and the teachings of science. Superstition must go. Let them worship as they will; every man can follow his own conscience, provided it does not interfere with sane reason or bid him against the liberty of his fellow-men.

  2. Thomas Holzer

    Man kann natürlich auch die Demokratie an Stelle der althergebrachten Religionen setzen; haben schon die Revolutionäre in Frankreich mit allen (un)möglichen Mitteln, vergeblich, versucht

  3. Antoinette

    What Goethe writes is comparable with what Socrates and Plato already wrote about democracy. Now, in the present of today, we witness the insanity of what happens when a majority chooses a government as has happened in Greece. A people, a majority in a people, and of course the entire people, should know in fact the same as a very wise person knows, is able to think about, and have insight in how to govern, with this only problem that one of the group has to do it, or a group in the group, because not all can be in government.

    If a people is bad informed, via not really high standard journalism, discussion forums, with great hosts to lead the discussion, to interfere as an insightful professor, to create a kind of a lecture on the university, they will choose a government that is able to mislead them, already years before, as happened in Greece. In Greece is all what I mentioned here missing. In Netherlands it is different, also in Germany.
    The naive people have just chosen for the one who promised that what they wanted to believe, and to go through times that were so much easier than others were able to offer, to ask from them.
    The Greeks want to go to a heavenly time, without the suffering of the self created hell. They will have to pass this part of the traject however anyway. Nobody can take away the reasons of all what has happened, not even a wise leader, because the Greeks will not understand his words.
    The total of the complexity of all important details of the why and how, in Greece, is impossible to explain here.

    Fact is, that what is presented in the Greek Government, is in fact the dream of the people. They, the people, have chosen in a democratic way what their mind was able to understand, without the possibility to check it with their intelligence. This is the perfect democracy. But it does not work, it does not help the people out of the catastrophe. The majority in Greece still sticks to the dream though.
    I dare to state here, that those who are in the Greek government are in fact as simple as the people who chose them.
    If Mr. Varoufakis was really intelligent he would not have accepted the task of being a FinMin in this country. Never.
    Because it needs experience, a deep insight in economy, and it needs guts to dare to make the changes needed to help the total of the people survive the self created abyss.
    Politics needs highly evolved minds to know, to see deep inside the problem, to watch over horizons.
    Wolfgang Schäuble is for me the only politician who has all what a true politician and FinMin needs to help the people.
    I consider him as the most important factor in all what is going on in Europe, and in Greece.
    Democracy is proved to be a failing political system. But where democracy is used, in Europe, and working, the most of the people who choose for a sensible party, create a kind of a way of living where all citizens feel comfortable with. In one way or another. There is a healthy transparent dynamical political constantly improving economy. Germany is for me the example for all how to build up a country when it is completely destroyed, and to create a wonderful new society out of it. This is the strength of the Germans.
    I am not German, I am Dutch, and notice a lot of similarities with the characteristics of Germans.

    I sincerely hope for the future of EU, and in fact for the future of Greece, that his view on the situation will be taken serious enough to be accepted to solve the problems of today.
    That also includes offering Greece the way to grow really, by going first through the darkness of today, to start walking, moving, and to experience the danger of democracy in their country, which is not a democracy as it is meant to be, because the majority of the Greeks do not know what they are doing. They do not have the mental awareness for it. They prove it, everybody sees it, except themselves.
    They do not know themselves. To be able to grow, as a society, as an individual, one needs to understand who you are, and how things work, or do not work. It needs self criticism. Criticism is not allowed in Greece, not in Syriza

    The Greeks need the reality of what they want, the effects of it, to wake up. It is an act of positive strength to offer them the way out. To learn finally that the party they have chosen is not capable to do what they promised, not even with the most brilliant professors with the most exquisite words, and the longest speeches.
    There is a lesson in this total also for the education system in the world, what does not teach to know but what teaches to copy and paste. Professors on universities show a lack of insight, of knowledge as it is meant to be, of ethics.
    Science has lost its course.
    Goethe was watching so much deeper. This awareness should be a must for students to be allowed to study on universities. Why? Because brains and their one sided intelligence can be misused for evil as well. Evil does not understand ethics, is not aware, is psychopathy. There is much psychopathy in the world. Psychopathy has the possibility to infiltrate in governments via democracy.

  4. Rennziege

    7. Juni 2015 – 01:13 Syria Forever
    Zitate ohne Urheberangabe sind schlechter Stil. Warum verschweigen Sie Mustafa Kemal Atatürk? Und was hat dessen Spruch mit dem Goethe-Zitat zu tun?

  5. Syria Forever

    Shalom Rennziege.

    Atatürk, richtig.
    Goethe lebte einiges vor Atatürk. Ich wollte damit zum Ausdruck bringen; Auch Massen können mit Demokratischen Grundregeln geführt werden wenn Bildung, Religion ersetzt.
    Mit dem Ableben Atatürks ist diese Erkenntnis auch verblichen wie Sie erleben und lesen dürfen.
    Die Welt befindet sich in Geiselhaft von Religionen wie es seit vielen Jahrhunderten nicht mehr der Fall war.
    Deshalb sage ich auch; “Nicht zurück ins Mittelalter sondern in die Steinzeit.” – Einsteins Aussagen bekommen Täglich mehr Gewicht.

    Guten Morgen und schönen Sonntag.

  6. Rennziege

    7. Juni 2015 – 13:28 Syria Forever
    Ergriffenen Dank! Nun weiß ich endlich, dass Goethe kein Mitbewohner Atatürks in einer Studenten-WG zu Weimar war. 🙂 Wie konnte ich je so irren?
    Dass Atatürk mit derlei Parolen die Säkularisierung der Türkei einleitete und mit superstition (Aberglaube) den Islam meinte; dass diese Hinwendung der Türkei nicht mit seinem Ableben (1938) endete, sondern erst in den späten 1990ern zu bröckeln begann — das kann ich, wie Sie andeuten, wohl nur bei Albert Einstein nachlesen, oddärr?
    Das tät’ ich ja gern bei Ihnen, wenn Ihre täglich verkündete Allwissenheit nicht so arrogant aufgeblasen und bar jeder Bescheidenheit wäre.

  7. Syria Forever


    es ist nicht meine Aufgabe Ihnen grundsätzliches Wissen zum Mittleren Osten zu lehren doch damit müsste ich beginnen. Sie zeigen Ihr Unwissen mit (…)dass diese Hinwendung der Türkei nicht mit seinem Ableben (1938) endete, sondern erst in den späten 1990ern zu bröckeln begann(…).
    Die Re-Islamisierung der Türkei begann mit dem Ableben Atatürks. Erster grosser Schritt in den Untergang war der Beitritt der Türkei zur NATO mit Hilfe Ismet Inönü und abgeschlossen wurde dieser Prozess mit dem Putsch unter Kenan Evren.
    Einstein kam mir in den Sinn; ‘I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.’
    Woher sollte Einstein wissen, dass WW III mit Religionen gefochten wird?


  8. Rennziege

    7. Juni 2015 – 16:17 Syria Forever
    Vielen Dank, Syria F.! Der heutige Aufenthalt in Ihrer Volkshochschule für Unbedarfte hat mich vieles gelehrt, was keine Uni der Welt zu lehren wagt. Reumütig kehre ich in Ihren allwissenden Fußstapfen zurück in die Ein-Steinzeit.

  9. Thomas Holzer

    I really do appreciate your postings; although I would say, they are indeed a little bit too elaborated 😉
    Does the majority in any Democracy know what they are doing? I doubt it.

    “A people, a majority in a people, and of course the entire people, should know in fact the same as a very wise person knows”
    Absolutely impossible! Because that would mean that the majority could be as wise as a single wise Person.

    There’s no perfect democracy at all, nor is any other political system perfect, nor could it ever be, because the one and only participants in any political system, in any society are human beings, who are, without any doubt, fallible 😉

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