Kommt uns auch irgendwie bekannt vor…

Von | 1. Juli 2013

“…Were the unpopular Mr Hollande a more ambitious reformer, he would go much further and faster on pensions. He would not only raise the retirement age but harmonise the rules for private and public pensions, the source of a huge perceived grievance. Civil servants and special categories such as railway or electricity workers enjoy wildly beneficial rules. Paris metro and bus workers, for instance, may still retire at the age of 50, rising to 52 only in 2017. Yet a radical overhaul looks increasingly unlikely. To do it would touch the backbone of Mr Hollande’s public-sector electorate, particularly the nearly 1m teachers. The consensus-seeking president, says somebody close to him, would “prefer to advance at his rhythm, than to fail by going too fast.”  (“Economist“)

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