Pleite: Italien schuldet Unternehmen 75 Milliarden Euro

Much has been said in the popular press about Italy’s surprising economic recovery (which based on recent data is starting to lose steam), as well as its much improved fiscal picture (even if the country’s public debt hits record highs quarter after quarter and the bad debt within its banking system just rose by 24% from the prior year, to €169 billion the highest since 1998). Little has been said about just how Italy managed to pull this economic miracle off. The answer: robbing private suppliers to pay Paul, or rather, the public sector.
According to Reuters, the Italian state owes some 75 billion euros ($102 billion)to private suppliers, as reported by the Bank of Italy. The unpaid bills have starved companies of cash and triggered layoffs, factory closures and bankruptcies.  (hier)

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  1. PP

    Italien war in Lira immer pleite, aber sexy. Heute ist es noch immer pleite und noch immer sexy, aber teuer. Hat wer Italien gesagt, was ist das eigentlich? Apulien, Venetien, Latium usw? Was in Italien nur leidlich funktioniert, soll von Tallinn bis Lissabon, von Berlin bis Athen funktionieren?

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