Schlagwörter: Atombomben

US-Atomwaffen nach Polen verlegt

The media informed that five C-17A Globemasters III arrived to Incerlik AB from Ramstein Air Base and took the whole bulk of nukes out to Germany, Poland and one of the Baltic States. In the frame of journalist investigation, I requested the U.S. European Command Public Affairs office to provide additional information, but Mr. Mark Mackowiak from ECPA refused, referring the US policy. mehr hier

Russisches TV zeigt nukleare Ziele in den USA

With US-Russia relations deteriorating rapidly in the aftermath of the collapse of the INF nuclear arms treaty, which prompted Russia’s Vladimir Putin to slam the US for “demolishing” global security, Russian state television listed U.S. military facilities that Moscow would target in the event of a nuclear strike, Weiterlesen

Das schmutzige Atom-Geheimnis der Eidgenossen

“…..Seit den 60er-Jahren waren auf dem Areal des Paul-Scherrer-Instituts (PSI) in Villigen AG heimlich 20 Kilogramm Plutonium eingelagert, wie die «Schweiz am Sonntag» berichtet. Erst Ende Januar sei das gefährliche Material abtransportiert worden. Zuerst sei es mit gepanzerten Speziallastwagen von Villigen Richtung Deutschland gebracht worden, dann mit einem Spezialschiff in die USA….” (hier)

Wenn schon Atombombe, dann bitte öko

Neuer Erfolg der Klimahysteriker: If the nuclear apocalypse comes, at least it will be a little more climate-friendly. Construction of five 400-foot wind turbines is beginning today at America’s main site for assembling, disassembling, and maintaining its nuclear arsenal. The 2.3-megawatt turbines are expected to produce more than half of the power used at the Pantex Plant in the Texas Panhandle. When the blades start spinning next summer, the facility will be the largest federally owned wind farm. (