Schlagwörter: Blasen

Wie 2016 wird (oder auch nicht)

“…No year is ever easy to predict, if only because if it were, that would take all the fun out of life. But still, predictions for 2016 look quite a bit easier than other years. This is because a whole bunch of irreversible things happened in 2015 that were not recognized for what they are, either intentionally or by ‘accident’. Things that will therefore now be forced to play out in 2016, when denial will no longer be an available option…… Weiterlesen

Die Mutter aller Blasen


Die zunehmende Ungleichheit der Vermögensverteilung ist in den USA inzwischen zu einem veritablen Modethema geworden. Kein Geringerer als Präsident Obama sprach in diesem Zusammenhang sogar von einem der größten Probleme unserer Zeit. Inzwischen hat das Wehklagen Weiterlesen

Jede Blase platzt früher oder später

“……..The financial markets or asset markets, all of them are in large or small bubbles, and eventually will get deflated.  Whether it’s equities, bonds, real estate, paintings, vintage cars or apartments in Mayfair, London or Madison Avenue, New York, all these assets will come down in value because of credit collapse. I don’t know when it will actually happen, but that is a risk for emerging economies….” (Investor Marc Faber, hier)