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Geldanlage: Gegen die Notenbank wetten?

One of the most repeated sentences in the financial media is: “do not fight central banks”, making the argument that you have to be invested in equities and especially in the most cyclical part because central banks increase money supply and support risky assets. Reality shows us otherwise. Following the central bank only works in the United States and particularly in technology companies. In Europe, following the central bank is not only a bad idea. It is counterproductive. mehr hier

So etwas hat es an den Börsen noch nie gegeben…..

The most significant stock in the U.S. and nearly the world, Apple, keeps powering higher. At the end of June, the value of Apple alone was almost 80% of the Russell 2000 index’s market capitalization. As of today, it’s nearly 90%. Such is astounding – in the past 40 years, no single stock has come close to dwarfing the value of so many other companies. “ mehr hier

Die Schizophrenie der Börsianer

After two months of downright apocalyptic sentiment on Wall Street as revealed by the monthly Bank of America Fund Manager Surveys (FMS), the latest poll of 212 panelists managing $598 billion in AUM conducted by BofA Chief Investment Strategist Michael Hartnett showed a sharp reversal in sentiment with i) growth expectations jumping, ii) cash levels collapsing, and iii) risk appetites surging; Yet despite this surge in economic optimism, not even Wall Street’s traditional bulls can reconcile just how far ahead the market has lept, with the largest number of FMS investors since 1998 – some 78% of respondents – saying that the stock market is “overvalued. weiter hier

Der Corona-Crash

“…. Italien wird zum europäischen Epizentrum der Coronakrise, und die Finanzmärkte sind in Aufruhr: Aktien und der Ölpreis stürzen ab, Gold ist als „sicherer Hafen“ gefragt. In einem Krisenszenario sieht ein Analyst den Dax unter 10.000 Punkte fallen. mehr hier