Schlagwörter: Botschaft

Strache wünscht sich österreichische Botschaft in Jerusalem

“FPÖ-Chef Heinz-Christian Strache wünscht sich eine Verlegung der österreichischen Botschaft nach Jerusalem, will aber wegen der Neutralität keinen Alleingang unternehmen. „Ich kann dem Wunsch Israels etwas abgewinnen, weil viele politische Vertreter sagen: Unsere Hauptstadt ist Jerusalem, dort ist der Sitz der Knesset“, sagte Strache dem „Kurier“ (hier)

Palis bekommen Botschaft beim Vatikanstaat

A Palestinian state would, like Gaza, be simply another jihad base from which “Palestinians” would launch new attacks against the State of Israel. That the Pope would validate it in this way is an unconscionable granting of the Catholic Church’s imprimatur both to the fictional “Palestinian people,” who were invented by the KGB and Yasir Arafat in the 1960s to counter the view of the tiny Jewish state surrounded by numerous gargantuan Arab states, and to the Palestinian jihad, which seeks a new genocide of the Jews, with “Palestinians” openly celebrating the murder of Israeli civilians.

The very “Palestinians” whose cause Pope Francis is aiding and abetting will, given the chance, oppress and subjugate the Christians in their domains as dhimmis, deprived of basic rights under Islamic law. In Israel, by contrast, Christians live in freedom. The Pope is betraying his own people. (hier)