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Wieviel Quadrameter Wohnung Sie in Städten rund um die Welt für 300.000 Dollar kaufen können

Von | 29. November 2020

The bull market in hot urban retail and commercial real estate markets lasted for pretty much the entire post-crisis recovery period. But COVID has turned things around, and as people flee to the suburbs, it’s worth taking a look at how valuations have declined. While urban real-estate markets have taken … > weiter lesen

Jede Blase platzt früher oder später

Von | 30. April 2014

“……..The financial markets or asset markets, all of them are in large or small bubbles, and eventually will get deflated.  Whether it’s equities, bonds, real estate, paintings, vintage cars or apartments in Mayfair, London or Madison Avenue, New York, all these assets will come down in value because of credit … > weiter lesen