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Catch me if You can! Neues vom Wirecard-Krimi

Von | 21. Juli 2020

„….2016 saw (Jan) Marsalek’s (Wirecard-CFO) trips to Russia surge, with a total of 16 flights. Unlike previous years when he used commercial flights, in 2016 and later he flew using chartered business jets. The destinations also diversified; with flights directly from various European and Asian capitals into St. Petersburg, Nizhny … > weiter lesen

Der seltsame Mr. Marsalek aus Wien

Von | 12. Juli 2020

„…The 40-year-old Austrian has led multiple lives, with complicated and overlapping commercial and political interests. Sometimes those interests cleaved to Wirecard’s aggressive expansion plans in frontier markets. Sometimes they coincided with Mr Marsalek’s own sprawling and unusual range of personal investments. And sometimes they seemed to fit neatly with the … > weiter lesen