Schlagwörter: Mosul

Der Mann mit den zwei Hörnern

“…..Since getting the job of reforming the education system, the Egyptian extremist who carries a German passport and goes by the mythic name of Dhul-Qarnayn – “he who has two horns” – has become somewhat of a celebrity in Mosul. He has changed the local school curriculum, separated male and female scholars and forced six-year-old girls to wear the veil. Now he’s taking money from local schools to buy weapons because, as he told teachers, what’s more important: education or fighting infidels?…” (hier)

IS-Terror: Die Geschichte des letzten Christen von Mosul

“….The city of Mosul’s honeymoon period with the Sunni Muslim extremist group that now controls it, is over. After initially stating that it would not harm Christians and other minorities in the northern Iraqi city, the group that took control of Mosul at the beginning of June this year has started making moves against locals from religious minorities.
In a statement issued to the city’s citizens, the group, known as the Islamic State, gave anyone in town of another religion or sect, three choices: Paying them a tax, converting to their version of Islam or death…” (hier)

Konvertieren oder Köpfen!

“……Es ist ein beispielloser Exodus einer der ältesten christlichen Gemeinden im Irak: Nach einem Ultimatum der Jihadisten haben am Wochenende tausende Christen das nordirakische Mosul verlassen. In Taxis und Privatautos versuchten sie, in die benachbarten Kurdengebiete zu fliehen. Die Jihadistengruppe IS hatte ihnen mit dem Tod gedroht, sollten sie nicht konvertieren oder die Stadt verlassen….” (hier)