Schlagwörter: Politico

Der überaus wendige Sebastian K.

“…Now Europe’s creaking establishment is once again eyeing Vienna, after Kurz embraced the zeitgeist and declared his preference for working with the Greens. The fate of that partnership aside, the mere fact that Kurz would try to swap the far right for the Greens in the space of a few months speaks volumes about the incoherence of European politics in an age marked by populism, fear and larger-than-life political personalities.” (Das einflußreiche Brüsseler Magazin “Politico” über Sebastian Kurz, hier)


In a rather unfortunate remark, Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz called on Italy and Germany to form a “Rome-Berlin-Vienna axis of the willing” to fight illegal migration. (He hasn’t called Tokyo in yet.)  – Florian Eder, “Politico”