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Der verbotene Porsche

Von | 18. Juni 2021

Well, maybe the birds and deer will feel comfortable in California that the liberal-run state has banned Porsche from selling the 2022 911 GT3 with manual transmission because it’s just too damn loud. Porsche informed Car and Driver this week that the optional six-speed manual transmission of the supercar will … > weiter lesen

Vatikan: Lieber Porsche als Proleten

Von | 21. Oktober 2014

“……..For the first time in the 600-year history of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, Pope Francis has decided to rent out the Sistine Chapel for an $8000-per-head Porsche Travel Club concert. What makes this unprecedented action even more ‘interesting’ is the fact that The Vatican – in all its omnipotent wisdom – … > weiter lesen