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Putins goldene Nase

Fast unbemerkt von der Öffentlichkeit baut Präsident Putin die Goldbestände Russlands massiv aus. Er will sich vom Dollar emanzipieren und profitiert nun vom US-China-Handelsstreit. Der steigende Goldpreis beschert ihm ein milliardenschweres Geschenk. Es ist zu seinem 20-jährigen Machtjubiläum in dieser Woche ein weltpolitischer Coup der kapitalistischen Art. / mehr

Russisches TV zeigt nukleare Ziele in den USA

With US-Russia relations deteriorating rapidly in the aftermath of the collapse of the INF nuclear arms treaty, which prompted Russia’s Vladimir Putin to slam the US for “demolishing” global security, Russian state television listed U.S. military facilities that Moscow would target in the event of a nuclear strike, Weiterlesen

Jetzt können Sie das Putin-Auto kaufen

After investing some $190 million in development via a public-private partnership project dubbed “Kortezh”, the Russian state has revealed that a new presidential limousine designed specifically for Russian President Vladimir Putin will soon enter mass production at a factory in the eastern region of Tatarstan, as the government hopes sales of the bulletproof limo will help offset some of that investment. weiter hier

Mysteriöser Tod eines russischen Top-Geheimdienstlers

One of Russia’s highest ranking spies and the powerful head of military intelligence has died “after a long and serious illness,” a Defense Ministry spokesperson told the news agency RIA Novosti. Gen. Col. Igor Korobov, the 63-year old head of Russia’s Military Intelligence Directorate (GRU), was reported dead early Thursday morning; currently there’s no reports of foul play though officials did not reveal specific details or the circumstances of his death. weiter hier