Schlagwörter: Sharia

Mehrheit der Muslime für Sharia

If the Pew Research Forum’s 2013 report is anything to go by, we should be alarmed by the near universal acceptance of Sharia by large numbers of Muslims polled. The Pew study found that, in response to the question “Do you favor or oppose making Sharia law or Islamic law the official law of the land in our country?,” the nations with the five largest Muslim populations — Indonesia (204 million), Pakistan (178 million), Bangladesh (157 million), Egypt (80 million), and Nigeria (76 million) — showed overwhelming support for Sharia. To be precise, 72 percent of Indonesian Muslims, 84 percent of Pakistani Muslims, 82 percent of Bangladeshi Muslims, 74 percent of Egyptian Muslims, and 71 percent of Nigerian Muslims supported making Sharia the law of the land in their respective societies. Ninety-one percent of Iraqi Muslims and 99 percent of Afghan Muslims supported making Sharia their country’s official law. (weiter hier)

Kein Whisky bitte, wir sind Briten!

“….Dozens of Muslim protestors gathered to demand that businesses stop selling alcohol in a popular East London area yesterday. The group, led by former Al-Muhajiroun leader Anjem Choudary, warned restaurants and shops in the Brick Lane area that they face 40 lashes if they continue to sell the product, which is banned under Sharia Law….” (hier)

Welcome to Londonistan!

London: “Already, 20,000 yellow leaflets have been printed by Islamic activists, saying ‘You are entering a Sharia controlled zone. Islamic rules enforced.’ The leaflets have been stuck onto lamp-posts, put up in shop windows and on pillar boxes. As fast as the police and council officials tear them down, more go up…” (hier)

Der Iran gibt sich ein modernes Strafrecht…

“…Zudem dürfen nach der neuen (iranischen, Anm.) Strafgesetzgebung Minderjährige hingerichtet werden. Amputationen als Strafe sind gesetzlich erlaubt. Mädchen sind nach dem neuen Gesetz schon ab 8 Jahren und neun Monaten strafmündig. Das islamische Gesetz bestimmte nach dem Mondkalender das Alter von 9 Jahren. Nach dem Sonnenkalender, der im Iran existiert, werden einem Mädchen, das 8 Jahre und neun Monaten alt ist, nach einem Diebstahl die Hände abgehackt…” (