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Die Angst der Subventionsgeier

(ANDREAS UNTERBERGER) Die Reaktionen der Kulturszene auf den Wahlausgang fallen zum Teil überraschend differenziert aus, mehrheitlich überwiegt aber – erwartbar – der dumpfe linke Hass. Am größten ist er bei etlichen jener, die derzeit von den größten öffentlichen Subventionen leben. Etwa beim Direktor des Theaters Weiterlesen

Kann man von 250.000 Dollar im Jahr leben?

“…..Palo Alto is seeking housing solutions for residents who are not among the region’s super-rich, but who also earn more than the threshhold to qualify for affordable housing programs.
The city council has unanimously passed a housing plan that would essentially subsidize new housing for what qualifies as middle-class nowadays, families making from $150,000 to $250,000 a year.
Sky-rocketing housing prices in Palo Alto have left some in limbo; with teachers, firefighters and other government workers not earning enough to afford cost of living.
Randy Bean says while she still loves her Palo Alto neighborhood, she can’t help but notice the changes that are making it unrecognizable.
Some of the small two-bedroom, one-bath homes on her block are worth between $1.5 and $2 million – as teardowns. That’s just Weiterlesen