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Die wirklichen Probleme Europas

If we analyze the ranking of the main technological companies (2017), there is not a single European among the top fifteen. The vast majority are North American and Chinese companies. It is even more worrying. If we go to the top 50 global technology companies, only four are European, but when we analyze those four, it is more than debatable that they are leaders in innovation, patents and market power. The European indexes of “technology” include, diplomatically, a few industrial conglomerates that have long lost the technological race.This is not by chance or bad luck. It is by design, sadly mehr hier


High-Tech: 11 Trends, die 2017 auf uns zukommen

1. Virtual reality
2017 will be the breakout year for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), the merging of real and computer-generated objects, as seen in the hugely popular Pokémon Go game. We’ll see many more games like this, and we’ll see VR and AR used in shopping, entertainment, and on our phones. There will be new goggles to wear for game playing and new content developed to place us into these artificial environments. Augmented reality will get a huge boost with new phones coming out next year from Samsung, Google, and Apple that will make it part of our daily routine….. (10 weiter Trends hier)