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Private Überschuldung: Der Preis der finanziellen Hochstapelei

The need for all Americans to be able to sustain themselves for at least a few months on savings is accentuated during a time of crisis. This means planning ahead when times are good. Financial planners suggest saving at least 20 percent of take home income, while spending at most 30 percent on discretionary items. Yet too many workers still fail to think twice about spending entire paychecks Weiterlesen

US-Atomwaffen nach Polen verlegt

The media informed that five C-17A Globemasters III arrived to Incerlik AB from Ramstein Air Base and took the whole bulk of nukes out to Germany, Poland and one of the Baltic States. In the frame of journalist investigation, I requested the U.S. European Command Public Affairs office to provide additional information, but Mr. Mark Mackowiak from ECPA refused, referring the US policy. mehr hier

Enthüllt: Die neue Super-Kanone der USA

We noted last Oct. the US Army was developing a “powerful cannon that can fire a projectile over a distance of more than 1,150 nautical miles,” or about the distance from New York City to Tennessee. The Strategic Long-Range Cannon (SLRC) is a “game-changing” weapon to counter China and Russia at great distances Weiterlesen

Wer beim US-China Handelabkommen der Verlierer ist

The European Union is the first or second in market share of total Chinese imports in various sectors. According to Morgan Stanley, the most affected sectors would be agriculture (11% of the total China imports, only surpassed by Brazil, which will also be negatively affected by the agreement), chemicals (25%), precision instruments (19%), transport equipment (50%), machinery and electrical equipment (11%, behind Taiwan, Korea, and Japan). mehr hier