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Rüttelt Wien am Baum der Sezession?

Aus derv “Washington Post”: “This was the year Europe’s secessionist movements stalled, defying many predictions: Scotland’s pro-independence party suffered electoral losses, and Catalonia’s secessionists have so far mainly divided their own region instead of Spain. But as Catalonia headed into regional elections this week — ultimately empowering pro-independence parties with a slim majority on Thursday, Weiterlesen

Trump kennt seine Wähler besser als wir

“…..There is increasing evidence that Trump’s base supports him because they feel a deep emotional, cultural and class affinity for him. And while the tax bill is analyzed by economists, Trump picks fights with black athletes, retweets misleading anti-Muslim videos and promises not to yield on immigration. Perhaps he knows his base better than we do…..” (hier)

Israel/Palästinenser: Wie man aus Opfern Täter macht

“….To understand the fury of the European protests (against Israel) , it’s useful to recall — and expand upon — the remark of the Israeli psychiatrist Zvi Rex: “The Germans will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz.” For any part of Europe that was complicitous in the Holocaust — essentially most of it — this means coming to grips with a terrible legacy that has to haunt subsequent generations and raises a creepy question: Why did Grandpa kill the Jews? Look at what they have done in Gaza. Now we know.” (hier)