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Rezessionen sind notwendig, sie zu unterdrücken ist falsch

Von | 19. Oktober 2020

It is a given that you should never mention the “R” word. People immediately assume you mean the end of the world: death, disaster, and destruction. Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve and the Government also believe recessions “are bad.” As such, they have gone to great lengths to avoid them. However, … > weiter lesen

Erholung? Welche Erholung, bitte?

Von | 9. September 2020

We have been watching, with disbelief and bemusement, how the “recovery-narrative” has been touted in the financial media and among some economists and analysts. Categorically, an economic recovery is a period of expansion, where we eventually exceed the previous peak in employment and output. There’s no such thing … > weiter lesen