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Wie lange man bis zur ersten Milliarde braucht

Everyone has to start somewhere. While the modern fortunes of people like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates seem stratospheric in size, even the world’s richest self-made billionaires had to crawl before they could walk. After all, as Visual Capitalist’s Jeff Desjardins writes, the journey to becoming ultra-wealthy hinges on earning that very first $1 million – the initial pillar of wealth that helps provide the security and confidence to go all-in on later ventures and investments. mehr hier

EU-Wahlen: Der Elefant im Raum

The citizens of the European Union are called to vote this week for the European Parliament. It is not a real parliament, and it lacks prospects for becoming one, since all important decisions are taken by the unelected heads of the European Commission and the European Central Bank, dubbed “the worst-run Central Bank in the world”. mehr hier

Wissenschaftlich bewiesen: Die Verblödung der Welt

“… Western Europe is home to a cluster of developed economies that boost some of the highest standards of living in the world. But that could soon change. Because as Evan Horowitz writes on NBC News’s new “Think” vertical, IQ scores in France, Scandinavia, Britain, Germany and even Australia are beginning to decline. The trend has been well-documented across Western Europe, and could soon carry over to the US as well. Which means the data have confirmed what millions of Americans who have watched cable news or logged on to twitter over the past three years probably already suspected: The world is getting dumber. mehr hier

Chinas geheimnisvolles Hyperschall-Flugzeug

China’s China Central Television has briefly revealed the country’s new hypersonic aircraft under development. According to the report, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is currently working on a hypersonic vehicle, which is capable of traveling on the speeds of about 5-20 mach for about 5 hours. mehr hier

Je tiefer die Zinsen, um so höher die Türme

Business Insider published a piece on April 1st about plans to build Western Europe’s tallest skyscraper…in a small, rural Danish town with just 7,000 residents. After I posted it on Twitter, many of my followers thought it was an April Fool’s joke due to how absurd the idea is. Even I had to do a little research to confirm that it wasn’t a joke, but it is indeed a true story – faszinierend, hier

Sturm und Drang und die EU

“….The EU is likely entering a challenging period of bureaucratic stagnation and painful public debate. Macron’s public spat with populist leadership in Italy is emblematic of this Sturm und Drang struggle in Europe. Progressive, liberal EU-oriented leadership will be forced to reckon with underlying symptoms of the populist wave. Spurred by both economic discontent and a strong desire for ‘tradition’ (which is often simply xenophobiain its myriad manifestations), the populist movements are almost universally challenging the value and direction of the EU.” (weiter hier)

Wann geht die Welt nun wirklich unter?

Al Gore distributed his documentary An Inconvenient Truth to the American public in 2006. In that film, Gore argued that the world come to an end in ten years due to global warming from the release of that film. However, that was thirteen years ago, and we now find ourselves in the year 2019 and the global warming apocalypse has not yet taken place. Similarly, progressive superstar Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said recently that she thinks Weiterlesen

Brexit: Die Botschaft der Briten an Europa

With the Brexit saga’s denouement still uncertain, the European Union would do well to re-examine its performance as a daring experience in socio-political engineering on a grand scale. Even if, as expected, the United Kingdom somehow manages to fudge Brexit and remain tied to the EU, the fact remains that millions of Brits and other Europeans are unhappy with aspects of the experience. mehr hier

Kann die EU die nächste Finanzkrise überstehen?

Despite the ECB’s subsidy of the Eurozone’s banking system, it remains in a sleepwalking state similar to the non-financial, non-crony-capitalist zombified economy. Gone are the heady days of investment banking. There is now a legacy of derivatives and regulators’ fines. Technology has made the over-extended branch network, typical of a European retail bank, a costly white elephant. The market for emptying bank buildings in the towns and villages throughout Europe must be dire, a source of under-provisioned losses. On top of this, the ECB’s interest rate policy has led to lending margins becoming paper-thin. mehr hier