Spectator: “Why can’t we speak plainly about migrant crime?”

“…Earlier this year, the former founder of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, was suspended from Twitter for tweeting a statistic about rape-gangs – something that has been much in the news of late. Indeed if we are not merely going to pass around cat photos on social media, discussion of the mass-rape of the nation’s children might seem to be a legitimate activity. Just this week another such gang has been convicted – this time once again in Oxford. Saying ‘rape-gang’ or ‘grooming gang’ is of course itself a get-out. As is the dishonest and deliberately misinforming term ‘Asian rape-gangs’. But it is hard to know what one can say these days. ‘Muslim rape gang’ or ‘Pakistani rape gang’ may be accurate, but it will also bring forth a world of problems – including flaggings on social media. In recent days readers have shown me how they have been suspended from Facebook just for posting my recent Spectator article on ‘Rowleyism’. ‘Rape-gangs’ is certainly a flagged term….” (hier)


  1. astuga

    Anwohner von Telford (Schauplatz des aktuellen Grooming-Gruppenvergewaltigungs-Skandals, Vgl. “Rotherham Missbrauchsskandal”) überreichen der örtlichen Polizei, die jahrelang werggeschaut hatte, eine Protestnote und fordern Aufklärung.
    Mit dabei auch einzelne Migranten denen es ebenfalls reicht (ein pakistanischer Ex-Muslim und ein Sikh).

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