Trotz Brexit: Keine Flucht der Finanzindustrie aus London

It is now well over three years since the United Kingdom voted, by a narrow but significant margin, to leave the European Union. Yet we still have no idea what kind of economic relationship the UK will have with the 27 countries it leaves behind. (Some of the debate in London recalls in its insularity the apocryphal 1930s headline: “Fog in Channel: Continent Cut Off.”) Insofar as one can hazard a guess, the most likely outcome seems to be a more remote relationship than “Leave” supporters talked about in the referendum campaign and than most commentators envisaged shortly after the vote.

But, despite that change of direction, and the certain loss of the so-called passport, which would allow financial services to be sold freely across the EU, the feared large-scale exodus of firms and financiers from London does not seem to be under way. The French bakeries and German sausage shops are still doing a roaring trade. Why?   mehr hier

One comment

  1. astuga

    Kein Finanzplatz in Europa und eventuell auch weltweit bietet die Vorteile der City of London (siehe Wikipedia), nicht zu verwechseln mit der Hauptstadt des UK gleichen Namens.
    Beinahe ein Staat im Staate.

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