Uber, aber für die etwas Wohlhabenderen

Von | 5. August 2019

It’s Uber for the 1%: “The exclusivity of it, I like that,” a passenger aboard a private helicopter taxi taking a short flight to Southhampton told The New York Times. “I like the efficiency. I’ll be there by sunset with a glass of rosé in my hand.” Indeed Uber has recently literally taken to the skies through Uber Copter, offering helicopter rides from lower Manhattan to JFK for a bargain deal – bargain for some at least – of on average $200 for an 8-minute, one-way flight, which began in July. “I’m not sitting in that bumper-to-bumper traffic,” another rider was quoted as saying in a report aptly titled, That Noise? It’s the 1%, Helicoptering Over Your Traffic Jam. mehr hier

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