Wenn man sich das Leben nicht mehr leisten kann

Von | 20. August 2020

The stock market is back to all time highs, but for ordinary Americans the standard of living has not been worse in decades, if ever. As Bank of America points out, while the recent covid shutdowns has thrown the economy into disarray with millions laid off and living on government stimulus checks, life for the vast majority of workers – i.e., those who comprise the country’s middle class – was already precarious before the pandemic, and nowhere is this more evident than in the Cost of Thriving Index.

Consider that in 1985 it took 30 weeks at the median wage to pay for big fixed costs like housing, health care, a car, and education; fast forward to today when it takes a mathematically impossible 53 weeks of a 52-week year to buy those things. mehr hier

Ein Gedanke zu „Wenn man sich das Leben nicht mehr leisten kann

  1. astuga

    Those people don’t care about the middle class, they don’t care about workers, and they don’t care about black lives.
    Just like they don’t care about any live other then their own.
    And we see the same developments in the EU and the same groups of people promoting it.
    From the left and from corporatists – who both believe in large structures, weak citizens without a common identity and a strong state.

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