Wie man sich gegen Facebook & Co wehrt

Von | 15. Januar 2021

In a sense, the Mises Institute has the advantage of being accustomed to scrutiny and threats. We have always been proudly radical: antistate, antiwar, revisionist, pro-property, pro-markets, and pro-secession, across decades and regardless of which politicians held power. We have always been willing to consider the possibility of a fully private society. As such, we have long been a target of both mainstream media outlets and phony organizations inside and outside the Beltway.

But we will never water down our message to satisfy censors or maintain a particular platform; instead we will work around them. Our radical vision and message will not change. Society can manage itself, and organize around property, markets, and civil society rather than centralized monopoly governments. Real economics is the key to understanding real social cooperation. But we can’t advocate ideas without channels to disseminate them. Let’s hope we never need to come full circle, back to the analog world.   mehr hier

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