Wie der Staat die Geselllschaft zerstört

Von | 8. August 2018

It is not incumbent on a diagnostician to prescribe a remedy, and it would be quackery for him to do so when he has misgivings as to its curative value. It may be that the struggle between Society and the State is inevitable; it may be in the nature of things for the struggle to continue until mutual destruction clears the ground for the emergence of a new Society, to which a new political establishment attaches itself to effect a new doom. weiter hier

Ein Gedanke zu „Wie der Staat die Geselllschaft zerstört

  1. astuga

    „Yet, the fact remains that Government is a human organization, consisting of men who are exactly like the men they serve…“

    I come more and more to the conclusion that the people of which a government is consisting of tend to represent some kind of negative sample of a society.
    Not necessarily because they are worse then others (which sometimes also is the case), but mostly because of their limited objectives and goals: get to power, stay in power, distribute power to fellow party members and partisans.
    And since almost all western democracies suffer from a dysfunctional system of checks and balances, it has become the unopposed political standard.

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